About Polperro Finance

Polperro Finance was established in 2006 and has now moved from Mayfair London, UK to Geneva, Switzerland closest to their main financing market in the Alps and act as brokers for the purpose of sourcing ultra high net worth individuals with a worldwide network of contacts and like-minded professionals.

We specialized in dedicated projects in France (French Alps, the Riviera, Paris, Lubéron and other cities), Central London and overseas jurisdictions (restricted to key locations such as Switzerland, Monaco, Spain, or others …).

Senior management are either French native speakers or fluent English speakers with a practical understanding of the similarities and differences in business cultures.

Due to our extensive experience we understand the economic and cultural differences between Great Britain and France, or Switzerland as well as their practical consequences and are able to advise accordingly.

Serving clients worldwide, our team of relationships managers, advisors and lending providers are well connected, knowledgeable and discreet.

In particular, non-resident investors specifically seek our expertise to release equity from high value assets, and/or benefit from greater tax efficiency or finance new acquisitions.

We remain at your service for additional information by phone or email.