About us

Polperro Finance specialises in sourcing bespoke international funding – identifying the optimum financial products for your current and future lending needs.
 Based in France, and serving clients worldwide, our team of intermediaries, advisors and sourcing providers are well connected, knowledgeable and discreet. Our expertise is particularly sought after by non-resident investors, in France those seeking to realise the equity of high value assets, and/or benefit from greater tax efficiency or finance new acquisitions in summer or ski resorts.
With more than 10 years’ experience in this specialist area of the financial market, Polperro Finance is ideally qualified to advise you on any topics. We have built our business on referrals, so it is in our interests to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.

Our unique proposition

We believe that, as your situation and aspirations are unique, your funding should be too. At Polperro Finance we listen to what you want to achieve, assess and advise on your current circumstances then source the financial solution most appropriate to you.
We take a flexible approach to financing. As a result, we are not restricted to the limited range of financing solutions normally offered by institutions, and can access sources and products that are difficult to find elsewhere.
To offer you the widest possible range of funding options, we work with a variety of lenders and partners. These include the security and confidentiality of Swiss or Internatonal banking, tax-efficient international onshore and offshore banks, multinational assurance companies, local accountants and Notarial offices.


Polperro Finance specialises in arranging the optimum financial solutions for second home property and lease back investment, wealth management, tax efficiency loan and acquisitions, with funding available in a choice of currencies: GBP, Euros, US dollars or CHF. Whichever of our services you wish to access, you are assured of the utmost discretion, integrity and confidentiality.

Acquisition Loan in France

We source interest only or repayment mortgages to fund 
up to 85% of your property purchase in France. We can access a range of funding sources, to ensure you benefit from the option most convenient and cost-effective for you..

Equity Release Mortgage in France

We can release up to 70% of the value of your asset as a new loan, providing funds which you can use as you wish.

Mortgage refinance in France

One of our most popular services is re-financing, facilitating a move from a capital repayment mortgage to an interest only mortgage, payable in Swiss Francs and at a more attractive interest rate. Our re-financing service can help ease your cash flow, making more of your capital available for other purposes.

Leverage of equity funding

This is an ideal solution if you wish to purchase another property, have sufficient equity in your current property, but have little cash available for a deposit. The bank we source will take a charge on both properties, and can offer a Loan to Value (LTV) of 70% against both, clearing your existing mortgage and funding the purchase of the additional property.

We can release up to 70% of the value of your asset as a new loan

Tax efficiency Credit

We can review your asset funding to help minimise the impact of taxation, particularly in countries such as France which imposes wealth tax and a 40% inheritance tax. Both taxes are based on the net asset value of a property, i.e. its value, less the debt held on it. In addition, owners who rent out their properties are taxed on the rental profit at 30%.
Our solution is to source a loan for our clients, increasing the debt held against it to minimise its net value and thus reduce tax exposure. The loan interest payments are deducted from the income, also reducing the tax payable; in fact
by ensuring the loan repayments equal the income, we can eliminate all income tax payments. The funds provided by the loan can then be reinvested to cover the cost of the loan and usually provide a surplus.

Portfolio investment lending

Similar to our Fiscal Efficiency product, this makes effective use of the equity in your property. A sum is borrowed against your asset and invested in a high return, non-risk fiduciary deposit with a private bank. This produces a worthwhile return which is offset against the cost of your borrowing.
Our solution provides all the tax benefits associated with reducing the net value of your asset. It has the additional advantage of establishing a relationship with a private bank, leading to future lending options against the funds placed with them. The funds remain secured by your asset, and can be transferred to different investment vehicles to ensure the most lucrative returns.

Aircraft and Super Yacht finance

We work with a number of private banks specialising in the acquisition, refinance and Polperro of these high value assets. Their value allows us to access a range of financial solutions, similar to those already described above.